Education Quality Assurance

Education Quality and Continuous Improvement

千亿体育官网The Education Quality Assurance team provides a statewide system of support for continuous improvement by:

  • Training and supporting application of an improvement science approach to continuous improvement planning;
  • Guiding the administration of comprehensive needs assessments and implementing continuous improvement plans;
  • Differentiating support and monitoring of continuous improvement plans; and
  • Organizing and managing systems of Networked Improvement Communities (NICs) in which schools can test and revise improvement theories, as well as share promising practices.




Theory of Action

If the AOE is fully committed to continuous improvement for Vermont Education Quality Standards (EQS) and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) expectations, then千亿体育官网, we will operate from a shared vision and collective responsibility and apply a systemic approach to continuous improvement by:

  •  Using quantitative and qualitative data, evidence, research, and current technology for ongoing assessment and evaluation of the efficacy of our work;
  • Co-operating and collaborating across divisions on projects, professional projects, policy development and implementation efforts, and field technical assistance and professional learning;
  • Applying a project-management approach to strategically plan and adapt our work to meet the changing needs of the field;
  • Engaging in partnerships with community members, families, institutes of higher education, other government agencies and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Supporting school systems through consistent and transparent messaging, useful and timely resources, and differentiated coaching or professional learning for improvement efforts; and
  • Ultimately helping educators improve achievement and well-being for all Vermont learners.

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